Life Writing is about sharing our life experiences through storytelling, in all its forms. It is about transforming our true life tales into short stories, novels, films, podcasts, blog posts, theatrical plays, comedy routines, live performances, art, articles, spoken word, poetry, campaigns and community.

It is about making the world a more human place by making story work for us.

To support all types of storytelling, Life Writing offers mind-grabbing inspiration to help you find your unique life stories and start sharing your quirky self with the world.

Whether you are a budding author ready to get serious about your career, a sassy silver surfer with memories to share or an entrepreneur building connection into your heart-centred business, Life Writing can kick-start your storytelling success.

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Meet Jenny

JennyDLife Writing is brought to you by Jenny Cutts, a humanities-trained story fan who believes that true life stories can change the world.

Jenny is an unconventional ideas-fountain with oodles of creative capital to go around. A literature graduate and blogger with many creative writing classes under her belt, she has also worked with historical documents for the best part of twenty years – setting their stories free.

Jenny studied drama, art history and film studies and takes an active interest in all things documentary. She has worked for a documentary film festival, read tons of autobiographies, enjoyed a smorgasbord of spoken word events and listened to literally hundreds of true life stories. As a cultural theorist, feminist and socialist, Jenny understands how narratives are relations of power and is passionate about helping people to find – and use – their voices for change.

With a knack for seeing things differently, she is known for ‘having good ideas’ and can often be spotted scribbling in her notebook mid-urban ramble.

She has written: short stories, experimental novels, blog posts, exhibition texts, web features, press releases, leaflets, archive catalogues, ministerial briefings, corporate reports and minutes, product descriptions, essays and dissertations, customer correspondence, research guides, talks, presentations, journals and a post-metaphysical artwork about the nature of reality. She keeps a ‘feeling connected’ diary, practices gratitude and understands first-hand the power of writing for personal development.

When she isn’t writing, Jenny gets her self-expression on by designing and making (film, painting, silk scarves, textile art, personalised games…). She loves contemporary art, dance and design, has a penchant for collage, is a little obsessed with whippets and is always looking for opportunities to get onto the roof.

She was once discovered by a twilight metal-detectorist, lying in the park, looking at the stars.

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