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Introducing the Life Writing prompts app.

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Brought to you by Life Writing, this handy app delivers hundreds of carefully crafted writing prompts to get your creative project started. For less than that cinnamon dolce latte you’ll buy to spend an hour staring at a blank page in Starbucks, put a little real life writing inspiration at your fingertips.

Don’t waste another second of your precious writing time and start channelling inspiration at the touch of a button.

Many new writers fixate on the most outlandish premises they can find and overlook the most impactful plots of all: true life stories.

Life Writing takes a different approach. Filled with purpose-designed and perfectly-pitched writing prompts, this is a super-simple writing tool to help you discover the stories that only you can tell.

These are story prompts with a difference. They are universally applicable cues to your never-before-shared true life tales. Writers are often told to start with their firsts, lasts, bests,and worsts and that’s fine but if life’s what happens when you make other plans, then you may need a different approach.

When you’ve exhausted the standard rites-of-passage method of finding your life stories, delve into the quirks of everyday existence and discover the stories that make you who you are. Like a lively conversation in the pub that sparks your memories of related stories or takes you off in a topical tangent, we often need a little input to crack open our memory vaults and get our stories flowing. Now you can do that any time, any place, any mood. Take back control of your story-storming process by trying this super-sleek, little writing tool. For pennies!

It’s not another kit of complicated software to get to grips with but a simple story-booster for any creative project. Use it to set yourself strict writing exercises, smash through writer’s block, train your brain for story-spotting or simply to get your creative juices flowing. Use it however works for you.

Life Writing story prompts are the real deal. They are the stuff of true stories told live, best-selling autobiographies, engaging interviews and popular podcasts  – pared down to their essential ideas, moments and themes. Crafted by a story-loving human whose superpower is having ideas, these story suggestions have been filtered from a life-time obsession with real, human stories, to ignite your storytelling success.

If you think all the stories have already been told, think again – because we haven’t heard from you yet.

It’s not just what happened but how it made you feel, not just a series of events but your reflections on living them. It’s not just a beginning, middle and end but what you learned along the way. Stories are how we all learn about reality and we want to hear yours.

If you’re sick and tired of being drip fed the same old, same old narratives – the same: old, rich, white, hetero, male narratives that is– then there’s something you can do about it. Start sharing your reality with the world. Please.

Whether creating fiction or non-fiction, true life stories can be the starting point for popular podcasts, beautiful blogs, next-level novels and awesome autobiographies. Use yours to create songs, documentaries, poems, campaigns, plays, films, comedy, short stories or connected communities. In a world of identikit infotoxins, it’s every good writer’s duty to make the world more human by sharing our lives as they really are.

To find inspiration and start connecting through story, follow podcasts, read memoir and go to storytelling shows. When you don’t have the time for all this but need to kick-start your writing, there’s the Life Writing app. If your writing time is precious but your inspiration isn’t flowing, spark your creativity at the touch of a button. Leave far-fetched plot scenarios behind and turn your attention closer to home. Forget Gandalf and Batman in epic battle at the Large Hadron Collider, and choose storytelling that packs a real punch.

Pitched between too-specific and too-general, between rugby tackling royalty and making beans on toast, these are prompts designed for real people. So what if you’ve never sky-dived with Cameron Diaz or played pool with Blur? Forget celebrity culture and instagram perfection: you have important stories to share.

Life stories are about the quirky details that make us who we are. True life tales are unique yet relatable, familiar yet surprising, universal yet idiosyncratic. Sometimes momentary, sometimes monumental, this is the stuff of lived experience and we all have our own versions to tell.

Set aside some idea time, switch off social media and give your creativity time to shine. For best results, approach story prompts with an open mind. Lateral thinking can be the key to genius. Maybe you haven’t got a story about “speaking fake Italian” but are reminded of your bullshit Bulgarian tale – and the truth must now be told. Or maybe you never wanted “to be Patti Smith” but are taken back to the days your boyfriend dressed like Johnny Depp all the time – and you made an important decision. Perhaps you’ve never “argued about comedy” but once stayed up all night debating a graphic novel – and you’ve got some insights to share. We don’t all write the same stories because we don’t live the exact same lives. Your version of “never telling someone” is completely different to the next person’s – and the next. We just need a little prodding to come up with the goods.

The Life Writing app delivers:

  • 1,500 quirky prompts (for starters!)
  • unique ideas not computer generated word-salads
  • expertly crafted by a story-loving human
  • perfectly pitched to spark idiosyncratic stories
  • prompts widely applicable for everyone
  • recap function
  • sleek, simple design
  • works offline
  • no adverts, in-app purchases, push notifications or other distractions
  • ideal starting point for building your story idea portfolio
  • a good companion to the Life Writing Story Catcher

Life Writing is for people who:

  • struggle with writer’s block
  • need to make the most of their writing time
  • are looking for new ideas
  • fear they don’t have any stories
  • write fiction or non-fiction
  • are beginners, dabblers, literature graduates, bloggers, activists, community leaders, artists, campaigners, published authors, journallers, entrepreneurs, therapists, personal development fans, performers, self-publishers, film makers, musicians, , memory keepers, graphic novelists, live storytellers, retreat organisers, introverts, extroverts and anyone seeking connection through storytelling.

Life Writing is NOT for people who:

  • think autobiography is for celebrities
  • live life with the filters on
  • want to copy others
  • won’t give their imagination time to shine
  • don’t believe that storytelling makes a difference.

Unlock your memories, spark your imagination, find your voice and start Life Writing today.

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