The Story Catcher

Introducing the Life Writing Story Catcher, a super simple story catching tool to keep on top of all your story ideas.

Achieving any task begins with breaking it down into manageable chunks. Your first step as a storyteller is to capture your story ideas in an organised and accessible way. The Life Writing Story Catcher is a simple tool for noting the details and shaping your ideas into actual stories. Use the template digitally, or printed, to start your storytelling success.

By using this template you can:

  • jot down ideas
  • cover the essential elements of story
  • consider the 3 C’s
  • add personalised metadata
  • organise your stories by theme
  • build up a portfolio of potential stories to tell
  • keep consistent notes
  • set yourself up for story outlining
  • take back control of the writing process.

The editable 2-page PDF template combines freestyle note-jotting with organised sections to ensure you’ve got all the essential elements of story covered. The package includes both A4 and US Letter sized versions, for budding storytellers who like to do things the analogue way. Save and organise your Story Catcher library digitally or print out fresh copies for working offline – or even off-grid!


Included with the Story Catcher is:

  • a 9-page GUIDE giving useful hints on filling out the template that will expand your storytelling expertise
  • a 10-page storytelling GLOSSARY that will enhance your story-spotting skills
  • a FREE BONUS copy of The Story of Stories that will show you why storytelling makes a difference.

Use the Story Catcher anytime a potential story flutters through your mind or combine it with the Life Writing prompts app as part of your intentional idea-generating process. Amass pages of potential stories and train your brain for story-spotting in the process.



Ever struggled to come up with writing ideas?

The Life Writing Story Catcher isn’t another complicated kit of writing software but a short and sweet editable template designed for noting all the essential elements of story without impeding your ideas flow. Learn why writing in stages is the best method and discover what you need to focus on upfront and what can be put aside to tackle later. Re-use the Story Catcher over and over again to build up a whole portfolio of stories to tell.

Not sure what makes a story, a story?

This simple tool will help you get clear on character, conflict and creative nonfiction. By following the template, filling in the fields and learning from the story-catching Guide, you can easily train your brain for story-spotting. The Life Writing Story Catcher will help you to get intentional with inciting incidents, recognise rising action and know your narrative arc from your backstory. By incorporating the basics into your ideas portfolio, give yourself the best preparation for any writing course, coaching, workshop or retreat. 

Wasting time on bad ideas?

Ever petered out on page four or seen a promising idea turn to mush at your fingertips? Don’t waste your precious writing time trying to craft stories that don’t fly – fill out the Story Catcher first and see how complete and compelling your stories could be. Use the Story Catcher to test your ideas in advance and set your storytelling up for success. Prepare a prolific portfolio of ideas and simply select the best story for the job. Before working your magic on stunning style and punchy prose, give your writing chance to shine by choosing the right story from the start.




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