Your Stories

Your stories are special. There is now, and only ever will be, one you. And you are the only person who can tell us what it’s like to live your life.

Why do we care? Because humans are the storytelling animal. Because stories are learning, community and connection. Because stories matter. And because your stories can make a difference.

Story has made us what we are. Stories have made us the most successful species on the planet and they hold our cultures together. Story is the way we think, remember, imagine and innovate. People use stories to share information, ideas and values, to form communities, to cooperate and to create.

Stories surround us: films, television programmes, novels, short stories, journalism, features, magazines, blogs, drama, poetry, adverts, jingles, lyrics, sports broadcasting, the news, brand stories, folklore, nursery rhymes, court cases, scientific explanations, history, archaeology, religious texts, parables, urban legends, video games, role-playing games, jokes, political commentary, stand up comedy, conspiracy theories, social media, memories, conversations, dreams, daydreams…

It’s time to make storytelling work for us.

But isn’t modern life already over-documented and on display? Superficially, yes, but the problem with filters, followers, selfies and social media is that all this over-sharing can lack depth, insight, authenticity and reflection. That’s where stories come in and this is why true life storytelling is sweeping the globe.

Life stories come in many forms: from true stories told live to best-selling autobiographies, from short stories to spoken word, from zines to podcasts, and much more besides. We need them now more than ever. True stories connect us, keep memories, rally communities, express humanity and teach us how to live in our world. They can also be used as the starting point for fiction and the universal truths it conveys.

The act of life writing is revolutionary. In a world where we are exposed to over 3,000 unsolicited marketing messages each day, where mainstream narratives are largely produced by men, where the media is controlled by a handful of billionaires and where capitalism has co-opted our storytelling needs… rewrite the script by telling your tales.

Whether creating fiction or non-fiction, true life stories can be the starting point for popular podcasts, beautiful blogs, next-level novels and awesome autobiographies. Use yours to create songs, documentaries, poems, campaigns, plays, films, comedy, short stories or connected communities. In a world of identikit infotoxins, it’s every good writer’s duty to make the world more human by sharing our lives as they really are.

Think autobiography is for celebrities and memoir is for old age? Think again. Never has it been so important that real people share real life stories for real change. Don’t wait until you are older and your memories have faded, get your self-expression and connection right away. Start with short stories and see what you can create.

Life Writing is for people who:

  • struggle with writer’s block
  • need to make the most of their writing time
  • are looking for new ideas
  • fear they don’t have any stories
  • write fiction or non-fiction
  • are beginners, dabblers, literature graduates, bloggers, activists, community leaders, artists, campaigners, published authors, journallers, entrepreneurs, therapists, personal development fans, performers, self-publishers, film makers, musicians, , memory keepers, graphic novelists, live storytellers, retreat organisers, introverts, extroverts and anyone seeking connection through storytelling.

Life Writing is NOT for people who:

  • think autobiography is for celebrities
  • live life with the filters on
  • want to copy others
  • won’t give their imagination time to shine
  • don’t believe that storytelling makes a difference.

Discover the tales that only you can tell – because your stories can make a difference.


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